Stockland Twin Waters

Following years of successful community creation and investment on the Sunshine Coast, Stockland is planning the delivery of a new premium residential community at Pacific Paradise, adjacent to Twin Waters. The land is known as Twin Waters West and we are referring to the location as Twin Waters as this is preferred by the local community.

The community master plan is designed to extend upon the enviable, premium Twin Waters lifestyle. The new community is designed to reflect the standard of the existing Twin Waters community, with large residential lots, a waterway network, extensive landscaped areas and greenspace including parks, cycling paths and walkways.

Benefits and outcomes

The key commitments to the community and outcomes include:

  • density and building heights are comparable to the existing Twin Waters community
  • built form quality will be comparable to Twin Waters as governed through a stringent building covenant
  • onsite and offsite flood immunity (through upgraded and new stormwater systems combined with a 19ha internal lake system, inclusive of walkable waterfront, with surplus capacity to receive and safely discharge stormwater to the Maroochy River)
  • protection and enhancement of existing vegetation with a minimum of 25% of the site dedicated to open space
  • fauna protection through provision of open space and natural areas on site linked to external conservation areas and other habitat, helping to ensure sustainability of the local kangaroo mob (removal of kangaroos is not being contemplated)
  • delivery of a traffic management solution to minimise external traffic impacts and address existing safety issues.
Detailed hydrology modelling has been undertaken based on the design of the new community. The modelling demonstrates the site can be developed with no adverse flooding impacts.
The new community will have large lots and low density, closely matching Twin Waters. High quality homes will be ensured through a building covenant.
The site is highly modified from former cane farming practices which has reduced habitat values for many native species. Extensive fauna surveys have been undertaken by leading experts to inform the design of the new Twin Waters community.