Beneficial Community Input

Local engagement and stakeholder input over many years has directly shaped the master plan and application. This will continue into the future.

The engagement to date has resulted in significant public commitments to:

  • ensure the new community closely reflects the enviable quality of Twin Waters (acknowledging that the design of communities and housing types have changed from the 1990s and 2000s when Twin Waters was delivered)
  • Key deliverables include:
    • flood immunity to be achieved, with no worsening to surrounding communities
    • low density, similar to Twin Waters and less than the Sunshine Coast average
    • improved traffic movements through Ocean Drive to David Low Way
    • protection of remnant vegetation and minimum 25% of the site as open space
    • protection of local kangaroos with access to onsite foraging areas and links to extensive offsite habitat areas
    • extensive active transport opportunities with 10 kms of paths and trails, including walkable waterfront areas, along with 2 kms of cycle paths

Commitments are locked in

The commitments made to the community have been registered as a planning document (called Conditions Precedent) with the Sunshine Coast Council and are now part of the planning scheme. The Conditions Precedent outcomes have all been achieved through the development application.

Interactive engagement sessions 

Across 2019 and 2018, and earlier, extensive engagement was undertaken with local stakeholders, with information sessions held in the Twin Waters community.

Over 250 locals attended our various information sessions to learn more about the project. The sessions were interactive, with attendees asking many pertinent questions about the proposal and expressing their expectations.

Reinforcement of community priorities

Community contribution during these sessions reinforced Stockland’s appreciation of community priorities, as reflected in our development application. During our engagement with stakeholders we discussed the importance of:

  • delivering a premium, low density community reflecting the quality and low density of the existing Twin Waters
  • ensuring high quality housing
  • ensuring any potential impacts are minimised or eliminated including flooding risks, protecting the local habitat and kangaroos
  • providing an effective traffic management solution on Ocean Drive.

Transparency and accountability

A detailed stakeholder engagement report from the 2018 sessions reflected our detailed discussions with the community.  This report can be referenced here and within the development application.

Ongoing community involvement

Stockland will to continue the positive community engagement beyond the planning and statutory consultation phase. This will include engagement on a future building covenant and kangaroo management plan, along with other matters of interest to the local community.

For more information

If you would like more information about Stockland’s proposal and application, please contact the project team through the form on our Contact Us page.