Reflecting the quality of Twin Waters

Low density: The new Twin Waters community will be marketed and delivered as premium community, with the majority of the site dedicated to low density residential areas and large lots.

The new Twin Waters community will be low density, closely reflecting the character and lifestyle of the existing Twin Waters West community

  • Low density sites on the Sunshine Coast are normally between 15-25 dwellings per hectare.
  • On average, across the Twin Waters West site there will be 12.7 dwellings per hectare.
  • The original Twin Waters community has an average of 10.56 dwellings per hectare.
  • In the low-density areas at Twin Waters West, there will be 10.6 dwellings per hectare

In the low-density areas which will cover the majority of the site, the average lot size is 550m², with a minimum lot size of 400 m². There are also much larger lots, with lots greater than 600m2 and 700m

Two multiple dwelling nodes: Two (2) low-elevation multiple-dwelling nodes are planned within the site. Multiple dwelling sites are permitted within the planning scheme and is also present at the existing Twin Waters community.

Reduction of multiple-dwelling sites: During the recent response to Council’s Information Request, and following discussions with the community, Stockland reduced the number of multiple dwelling sites from five (5) to two (2) sites. The two (2) locations will not be near or overlook the existing communities of Twin Waters, Pacific Paradise and Mudjimba. The buildings will be limited to either two (2) or three (3) storeys in height.

Open space, vegetation and landscaping will be a dominant feature: Open space, natural areas and the large waterways will be dominant features, with over 40% of the site dedicated to these uses. This is equivalent to over 190 football fields.