Context and Status

Site context

The project is located on 104 ha of vacant, cleared land, between the existing Twin Waters community and the Sunshine Motorway. The project is bounded by existing residential development at Twin Waters and Pacific Paradise.

The 104 ha site has been included in the SEQ Regional Plan ‘urban footprint’ since 2005 and was re-zoned for residential development in 2018. The land has been highly modified through previous cane farming practices.

The project is bounded by existing residential development at Twin Waters and Pacific Paradise. The location was envisaged as an extension from the existing community, when the original Twin Waters development was planned and progressed from the 1990s.

The site is located only 5 km from the growing Maroochydore City Centre and 3 km from the Sunshine Coast Airport, which are both becoming major employment and economic hubs for the Sunshine Coast.

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Project status

The site was included in the SEQ Regional Plan Urban Footprint in 2005 and re-zoned by the Sunshine Coast Council in 2018 to allow for a future residential community.

2018: To advance the project in late 2018, Stockland lodged a development application with Sunshine Coast Council. The application was informed through extensive engagement with local stakeholders over many years. This included engagement with many members of the neighbouring Twin Waters, Mudjimba and Pacific Paradise communities.

During this engagement, local stakeholders expressed their preference for a new community that reflected the quality of Twin Waters, with minimal impacts on existing residents. These principles have guided the planning of the new Twin Waters community.

The application followed many years of thorough on-site investigations, technical assessment and community engagement. The application includes many public commitments, including creating a new Twin Waters community that is consistent with the high quality and premium lifestyle of the existing Twin Waters community.

2019: In early 2019, Council issued an information request in relation to the application. This is standard practice to ensure the planning authority has all necessary information to assess the application.

As at May 2019, Stockland completed a detailed response to the information request, which is publicly accessible on Council’s website. During the review and preparation of the information request, Stockland made some adjustments to the original application. The key, beneficial changes have been to reduce the number of medium density sites from five (5) to two (2) and to increase the lake size and capacity to further improve onsite and offsite flood immunity.

Following the completion of the information request in May 2019, the community now has opportunity to make submissions to the Sunshine Coast Council during the statutory Public Notification phase.

Premium lifestyle, with responsible delivery

The new community reflects the character and quality of Twin Waters. Key planning and lifestyle outcomes include:

  • maintaining the character of the existing Twin Waters community
  • predominantly large lot sizes, consistent with Twin Waters
  • low building heights, reflecting the existing Twin Waters community
  • high quality homes guided by the existing Twin Waters building covenant
  • effective stormwater management and improvements to local flood immunity
  • effective traffic management and improved commuter safety
  • public and active transport opportunities
  • existing flora retention and protection, with enhancement
  • onsite fauna management and protection

Stockland Twin Waters – at a glance:

  • 104 ha site
  • 781 dwellings (reduced from development application in December 2018)
    • 581 low density lots (55ha)
    • 197 dwellings in 2 multiple dwelling nodes (4.9ha)
  • First 2 stages: 171 dwellings
    • Stage 1 – 101 dwellings
    • Stage 2 – 70 dwellings
  • 25% of site is open space ~ 27ha
  • Remnant, high value vegetation is retained
  • 19ha waterway feature with 95 directly facing waterfront lots
  • 10 kms of paths, including waterfront aspect with 2kms of cycle paths
  • Destination park – 2 ha