Stockland Twin Waters, Twin Waters West

Creation of parks and protection of open space

The design of the new community includes substantial areas of open space, with parklands, conservation areas and wildlife corridors. The existing on-site mature vegetation will be retained, protected and enhanced, as Stockland committed to the local community.

Open space as a feature: A minimum of 25% of the site will be open space, which is over 25 ha and the equivalent of more nearly 50 football fields.

Large destination park: The community will also feature a high-quality, destination park set across 2 hectares which will be easily accessible by footpaths and bike-paths.

Feature waterway: A new waterway will feature across the community, comprising 20% of the site, which is nearly 19 ha. Much of the waterway will have a walkable waterfront. The waterway also provides flood protection, similar to the function of the Twin Waters canals.

High quality landscaping: Stockland proposes a very high standard of landscaping within the new Twin Waters community. The higher standard of landscaping would be managed within a ‘benefited levy’ arrangement. This is consistent with existing arrangements in Twin Waters.