Soil Testing

Acid sulfate soil (ASS) testing: The site has been extensively assessed by geotechnical experts, with approximately 100 boreholes drilled, sampled and tested. 

No impacts on water quality: There is no risk to Twin Waters water quality from Twin Waters West ASS. No water will be discharged from detention basins during construction that doesn’t meet environmental standards. While no acidic water will be discharged, the water released from Twin Waters West has negligible influence on Twin Waters water quality. There will be considerable mixing of water released from the Twin Waters West lake within the Maroochy River. Marine exchange and mixing within the tidal zone provides constant high-quality water to Twin Waters waterways.

Local success story: ASS has been successfully dealt with locally. ASS was a factor in the development of the original Twin Waters waterway, and this was managed effectively. Lendlease, the original developer of Twin Waters won Government and industry awards for their pioneering work on ASS management and this has become the industry standard. The same ASS management techniques are proposed for Twin Waters West.