Traffic management and connectivity

The new community will be connected by road to the David Low Way at Pacific Paradise. To improve the local  road network, a roundabout is planned to replace the existing, inefficient T-intersection at Ocean Drive.

The new roundabout design includes slip-lanes to provide free-flowing traffic movements. This achieves a far more practical and higher performing intersection compared to the current T-intersection.

Traffic safety benefit delivered early. To deliver this safety benefit as early as possible, the roundabout will be built before future residents move into the new Twin Waters community. Stockland will confirm the timing of these works in the future, along with measures to reduce construction impacts.

Efficient traffic movements on David Low Way. The David Low Way was historically the main coastal road from Maroochydore and Bli Bli to the North Shore. As the Sunshine Motorway now diverts traffic to the airport and around Pacific Paradise and Twin Waters, there is now less commuter use of this section of the David Low Way. Therefore, this intersection upgrade is expected to provide efficient traffic movements for the combined Twin Waters communities and surrounds for many years into the future.

One road connection between the communities. A road from the new community will connect at the existing roundabout at Stillwater and Esperance Drives at Twin Waters. This was allowed for in the design of the existing Twin Waters community. The road connection will be created within an existing undeveloped lot owned by Stockland.

This will be the only road connection between the two Twin Waters communities. This connectivity provides all local commuters with important ingress and exit options in case of emergencies. Traffic assessment indicates that more traffic will move from Twin Waters through the new community, rather than from the new community into Twin Waters.

Acoustic protections:

Vegetated landscape buffers and acoustic fences will be built along the boundary with the Sunshine Coast Motorway to reduce noise nuisance. An acoustic study is part of the specialist reports that have informed the design of the new community.