Stockland Twin Waters, Twin Waters West

Onsite and offsite vegetation

While the site is a former cane farm and is largely cleared, vegetation will be a dominant feature of the new community.

A signature feature of the new community will be the existing mature stands of trees in the centre of the site. These trees will be retained and protected with an average 30 metre open space buffer. This buffer will provide rest and foraging areas for kangaroos along with connection to areas within and external to the project site.

Local stormwater systems will direct water to this vegetation to ensure it remains in good health. Trails through this area are likely to be formally created and maintained, subject to Council approval. These trails will be accessible for Twin Waters and other local residents.

The Maroochy River Conservation Park (south of the southern extent of the property) is not within Stockland’s site and will not be impacted by this project. The Settler’s Park on David Low Way will be protected and extended, including the heritage vegetation.