Water quality

Water quality within the onsite lake will be maintained at a high level. There will be no impact on the water quality within the Twin Waters canals.

The new lake will be sustained with saline water, pumped from the Twin Waters canal at the weir at Wattlebird Drive. Twin Waters canals have good quality water as they are regularly recharged with clean ocean water. There will be no changes to current tidal ranges within the Twin Waters canal system as a result of pumping water into the new lake system.

The new waterway system will be dynamic, with new water entering the system and gradually discharging by pipe to the Maroochy River on a daily basis. In this way, water in the Twin Waters West lake system will be replaced every month, which helps ensure good quality water.

Site-wide application of ‘water sensitive urban design’ techniques such as rain gardens and vegetated swales will also help ensure the lake has good water quality.